BELLEVUE, WA—The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is proud of the Missouri Senate for overriding Gov. Bob Holden’s ill-considered veto of concealed carry legislation, thus greatly expanding the ability of Missouri citizens to defend themselves from violent crime.

“Twenty-three courageous Missouri state senators stood firm against pressure from extremist anti-gun groups and the media to enhance the right of every law-abiding Missourian to protect themselves and their families,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Today’s vote is a significant victory for public safety and personal security, and a defeat for the alarmists who would leave Missouri citizens at the mercy of predatory criminals.”

The 23 to 10 override vote will make Missouri the 36th state to adopt a sensible right-to-carry law, Gottlieb noted. He especially congratulated Sen. Jon Dolan (R-Lake Saint Louis) for making the exceptional effort to return to Jefferson City on leave from his military duty in Cuba, to vote in support of his constituents’ self-defense rights. At the same time, Gottlieb chided Missouri Democratic Party spokesman Mike Kelley for calling Dolan’s return “an absolute outrage.”

“Jon Dolan obviously understands his duty to the security of his country, and to the security of his constituents,” Gottlieb stated. “The true outrage is that anti-gun-rights Missouri Democrats would consider it acceptable for a member of the military, who is also an elected official, to be prevented from voting on a critical issue because he is serving the nation. It is reminiscent of efforts Democrats mounted three years ago to prevent servicemen and women from having their votes counted in the presidential election.

“I cannot imagine a more important issue for Sen. Dolan’s critical vote,” Gottlieb continued. “Homeland Security takes many forms, whether it is sending soldiers to defend our nation’s interests, or providing the means for law-abiding Americans to be secure right here at home. The ‘right to keep and bear arms’ is America’s original Homeland Security, and self-defense is a basic human right. Sen. Dolan and 22 of his colleagues understand this, but anti-gun rights Democrats do not.

“Missourians should thank those members of the House and Senate whose votes prove they trust their constituents with the right of self-defense,” Gottlieb concluded. “On the other hand, Missouri voters should remember those lawmakers who voted against their personal security at the next election.”