BELLEVUE, WA – With a stroke of the pen, California Gov. Gray Davis made it much easier for illegal aliens to violate federal gun laws, by signing legislation that allows illegals to get a California driver’s license.

“By his own hand, Gov. Davis has given California residents one more good reason to throw him out of office Oct. 7,” said Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA). “No wonder California Attorney General Bill Lockyer opposed the measure. Even federal law enforcement sources have warned that the new law will enable illegal aliens to complete what will appear to be legal gun purchases.”

Davis is facing recall next month for his allegedly poor performance as governor of the Golden State, less than a year after he was re-elected by a huge margin. Opponents of the driver’s licensing bill also argued that it will contribute to voter fraud.

“Instead of screeching continuously about a mythical ‘gun show loophole,’ it would seem far more legitimate for California’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein to either sponsor legislation, or seek a federal court injunction, that will close the very real ‘Gray Davis loophole’,” Gottlieb said. “While members of his party have made careers out of depriving law-abiding American citizens of their right to own guns, Davis just made it easier for people who are already violating our immigration laws to stroll into the gun shop of their choice, flash that driver’s license and violate a federal gun law, simply by lying on a federal form.”

“Where is Feinstein on this issue,” Gottlieb demanded. “While she’s been stumping to help keep Davis in office, she should be campaigning hard to close the enormous loophole her fellow Democrat just opened by signing that legislation. “

“Once again,” Gottlieb concluded, “Gray Davis has managed to create havoc in a state that has suffered enough from his pay for play leadership. He has signed laws that severely restricted the gun rights of the citizens he is supposed to serve, yet here he is, serving the interests of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. He apparently wasn’t satisfied with just bankrupting the state, now he’s made it easier to put guns into the wrong hands.”