She has taken up wild turkey hunting with a passion, has been a staunch gun rights advocate in the Great Lakes State, and this month CCRKBA recognizes the accomplishments of State Rep. Sue Tabor (R-71st District) by naming her the Gun Rights Defender of the Month.
 Rep. Tabor has been featured in Women & Guns magazine and Gun Week, and is serving her third and final term in the Michigan House of Representatives. She has been a dauntless campaigner to legalize mourning dove hunting in Michigan, and is chair of the House Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Committee.
 Nominated for this month’s award by CCRKBA Communications Director Dave Workman, Rep. Tabor has a lengthy history in Michigan politics. She has served on several House committees, previously worked for former House Republican Leader Ken Sikkema as a constituent assistant, and she was named Legislator of the Year by the Michigan United Conservation Clubs in 2000 and by the Association for Children’s Mental Health in 2001.
 Born and raised in the Lansing area, Tabor and her husband, Doug, have two sons, Aaron and David.  They reside in Delta Township. She is an active member of the Hills Lutheran Church in Lansing and is involved in Lutherans for Life.
 She told Point Blank, “I truly believe that the majority of U.S. citizens are law-abiding people and still want to ‘do the right thing.’ No tragedy, no crime, no crisis will ever convince me otherwise. Law-abiding people obey the law. It’s as simple as that. These people conduct themselves in a responsible manner each and every day. Millions of gun owners are among them.  They are moms and dads, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. They are the people we do business with at the dry cleaners and the convenience stores. They are teachers, coaches, health care workers, and bus drivers. Chances are one of them brought you your coffee this morning at the local restaurant or delivered your mail today. They raise kids who turn out to be just like their parents – law-abiding productive citizens.”
 Rep. Tabor lamented that, “most, if not all of our current firearm laws were made because of a small population of people who chose to break the law and became criminals.”
 She blamed many of today’s anti-gun laws on “knee jerk reaction” to crimes by lawmakers who believe they must be seen as “doing something” by their constituents.
 “In their haste to ‘put the blame’ on something other than the person who committed the crime in the first place,” Tabor observed, “they end up passing laws which erode away yet another small piece of our constitutional rights – our freedom.”
 Whether it’s on the hunting front, where Tabor continues to press for legal mourning dove hunting, or on the gun rights frontier, this hard-working lawmaker has made her mark. There seems little doubt that Tabor will continue the fight, wherever her personal and political careers take her.
 “As an ordinary citizen,” she said, “I work behind the front line. My mission is to change one anti-gun mind at a time. I will make myself a role model for other women. I will teach my own children what I know. Freedom is worth the price, and people are worth fighting for.”