BELLEVUE – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) today hailed Colorado Gov. Bill Owens for signing into law Senate Bills 24 and 25, effectively reforming the Centennial State’s firearms statutes.

SB 24, sponsored by Sen. Ken Chlouber, and SB 25, authored by Sen. Jim Dyer allow Colorado to join over 30 other states with a “shall-issue” concealed carry license statute, and state pre-emption clause, respectively, on the books. CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said Gov. Owens demonstrated leadership and common sense, especially after being hounded and assailed by gun control extremists in an attempt to have him veto the measures.

“This is a great day for Colorado gun owners, and the lawmakers who worked so hard to pass these sensible measures,” Gottlieb stated. “No longer will Coloradoans be faced with a patchwork of gun control ordinances that make certain practices legal in one jurisdiction, and outlaw them in another 40 miles away. Gov. Owens deserves credit for making this possible, and for standing firm against the anti-gunners who wanted to continue treating Colorado gun owners as second-class citizens.

“Law-abiding Colorado gun owners will no longer be faced with having their self-defense rights restricted by the whims of patronage,” he continued. “Henceforth, gun owners who meet all the criteria will be assured that they can apply for a concealed carry license, and get it.”

Gun prohibitionists have argued that passage of these common-sense reform measures will lead to an increase in gun violence and return Colorado to the days of the Old West. Gottlieb called those dire predictions preposterous.

“In every state where these laws have passed,” he said, “licensed gun owners have put the lie to such nonsense. Wherever right-to-carry laws are now on the books, gun owners have been put on an equal footing with criminals, and violent crime rates have actually declined, and anti-gunners know it. The next year should prove they’ve been lying in Colorado like they have in every other state where they have fought similar legislation.

“Anti-gun extremists lost,” he concluded, “but Colorado citizens won. They have Senators Chlouber and Dyer, and Gov. Owens to thank for that.”