Emory continues probe of ‘Arming America’ author. (The Washington Times 8/23/02)

Emory author won’t be in class. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 8/23/02)

North Bridge Training Institute Launches “CounterAttack” Gun Rights Conference: Historian Who Exposed Revisionist History to Deliver Keynote. (northbridgetraining.com 8/21/02)

History 501 at Central Conn State Uses Bellesiles’ Debunked Book as Primer for Class.

Book Review: Fall from Grace: Arming America and the Bellesiles Scandal. (James Lindgren Article) Search this page for more discussions on Bellesiles.

Following the Bellesiles Story By HNN Staff. (The History News Network, Updated Repeatedly)

Promoting All The History That Is Fit – To Support Media Biases. (Accuracy in Media, 8/01/02)

Emory investigation of Bellesiles may be over; results not revealed. (The History News Network, 7/23/02)

Writing Ideology As History In “Arming America”. (Accuracy in Media, 6/28/02)

Rewriting the history books. (The Washington Times 6/20/02)

Scholarly shootout over guns. (Charlotte Observer 6/13/02)

Acknowledging Academic Fraud. (FrontPageMagazine.com 6/13/02)

Journalists Are Rushing to Judgment About Michael Bellesiles (The History News Network 6/10/02)

The Cowards of Academe: Michael Bellesiles’s rear-guard defenders. (The Weekly Standard 6/10/02)

Academic Accountability: An antigun scholar defends his shoddy work by calling critics names. (The Wall Street Journal, 6/06/02)

US professor under fire for book on guns. (UK Guardian 6/01/02)

NEH and Newberry disagree on Bellesiles grant. (Boston Globe 5/24/02)

Gun By Gun by Glenn Harlan Reynolds. (LegalAffairs.org)

Bellesiles speaking at the Newberry Library in Chicago on May 30th. Scroll down to view info. (Newberry.org 5/22/02)

NEH halts backing for gun historian’s grant. Bellesiles’s mess make government pull name from grant. (The Washington Times 5/22/02)

Book Flap Prompts NEH to Pull Name From Fellowship. Ditto. (The Washington Post 5/21/02)

Lies, Damned Lies and Left-Wing Scholars. (FrontPageMagazine.com 5/20/02)

Could Bellesiles’s Problems Undermine Gun Control? Discusses how collective-only folks have relied on Bellesiles, including in Emerson Amicus Briefs!!!!! (Historynewsnetwork.com 5/20/02)

“Pulped” Fiction: Michael Bellesiles and His Yellow Note Pads. (Historynewsnetwork.com 5/20/02)

Gunning for a Bad Book. (George Will Column in Newsweek 5/20/02 issue)

Setting the Missing Records Straight: The continuing misadventures of award-winning author Michael Bellesiles. (The Weekly Standard 5/17/02)

Fellowship awarded professor is reviewed. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 5/02/02)

Following the Bellesiles Story By HNN Staff. (The History News Network 4/30/02)

Deal with evidence, not politics. James Lindgren spanks a Bellesiles’ apologist! (The History News Network 4/30/02)

William and Mary Quarterly. The Symposium on Bellesiles! (Jan. 2002)

Emory widens probe of professor’s book. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 4/26/02)

E-mails may include lies. Bellesiles caught yet again. (The Emory Wheel 4/25/02)

Emory announces outside panel to review Bellesiles’ research. (The Emory Wheel 4/25/02)

Bellesiles insinuates professor forged e-mails in his name. (The Emory Wheel 4/25/02)

Entertainment: Prize-winning book on gun culture may have missed the mark. (AP Story in Nando Times 4/25/02)

The Corner. Search for ”Bellesiles” for various tidbits from NR like how his Awards and Funding may be at risk! (National Review 4/25/02)

Fate of history professor remains uncertain two months after launch of investigation. (The Emory Wheel 4/23/02)

Do libraries need lie detectors? (Denver Post 4/21/02)

Do We Need Warning Labels For Lies In The Library? (Independence Institute 4/17/02)

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HISTORIAN ON THE HOT SEAT: Mr. Bellesiles’s Response to Mr. Sternstein. (The History News Network 4/09/02)

HISTORIAN ON THE HOT SEAT: Mr. Sternstein’s Response to Mr. Bellesiles. (The History News Network 4/09/02)

Bellesiles’s problems are a lot bigger than probate records… (The History News Network 4/15/02)

Fawning Critics Don’t Say Book Was Fraud. Glenn Harlan Reynolds. (Fox News 4/04/02)

Flashback: Gun Battles. This Old Book Review Favors Bellesiles’ Work, but also noting several key problems. (H-Net in May, 2001)

Flashback: Historian Comments on Bellesiles’ refusal to provide documents and claims of hacking. (October 7, 2001)

American Journal: The Year of the Yellow Notepad. (American Journal, March 24 – 30, 2002) Also on WorkingForChange.com HERE!

Letter to the Editor: Does unbiased account signal change of heart? Fifth letter down. (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 3/21/02)

Historian’s failings have impact today. (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 3/14/02)

Historians in hot water. (The San Francisco Chronicle 3/08/02)

Arming America: A Recognized Fraud. (FrontPageMagazine.com 3/05/02)

A history lesson for historian: Archivist refutes claims of prize-winning author. (The San Francisco Chronicle 3/02/02)

History chair apologizes for Bellesiles controversy. Worth listing in order too! (The Emory Wheel 3/01/02)

Prize awards for literary losers. (The Washington Times 3/01/02)

Michael A. Bellesiles: Mega Anti-Gun-Nut — Part XXIX. (GOA, March)

The Historian Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight. (The Weekly Standard 2/25/02)

HISTORIAN ON THE HOT SEAT: Historical Fraud and the Seduction of Ideas: The Poulshock Case. Mentions Bellesiles too! (History News Network 2/25/02)

Guns and Poses: Michael Bellesiles’s work is charming and disarming–but sloppy and maybe fraudulent. (The Wall Street Journal, 2/22/02)

Emory can wait no longer: Historian is under investigation. (Chicago Tribune 2/13/02)

Emory professor’s book ‘biased’, peers say. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2/10/02)

Probe aims at claim of gun-use author. Emory University investigating Bellesiles! (Washinton Times 2/08/02)

‘Arming America’ Under Fire; Historian Will Undergo Inquiry. (AP Story in L.A. Times 2/08/02)

A time for caution: Investigation of Bellesiles needs to be thorough and just. (The Emory Wheel 2/08/02)

Staff Editorials: Islands in the sun: Spring break need not occur inside Emory’s bubble. Proof the FIX might be in, since everything will be kept private until the end. Thus, we don’t know what materials the University sees, nor their reasonings for the final decision! (The Emory Wheel 2/07/02)

College Plans to Question Historian: Historian Will Undergo Inquiry From Emory University for Book on Role of Guns in U.S. (AP Story on ABC News 2/07/02)

Did the Shootouts Over ‘Arming America’ Divert Attention From the Real Issues? Scholars heaped praise on a book, ignoring critics who have been vindicated on many points. (Chronicle for Higher Education 2/01/02)

Notes on Supposed San Francisco Records in the Contra Costa County Historical Society History Center. This page was linked off of the National Review Article. (Contra Costa County Historical Society 2/01/02)

The Triumph of Ideological History. (FrontPageMagazine.com 2/01/02)

Historians criticize author’s gun research. (Boston Globe 1/29/02)

Disarming America, Part III: Award-winning author Michael Bellesiles changes his story again. Another hit from NR! (National Review 1/29/02)

Wormy apples from the groves of Academe. A must read. (Chicago Tribune 1/23/02)

S I L E N C E D: Is uncivil discourse quelling scholarship on controversial issues? From Emory University.

Scholar under heavy fire for book on gun culture. Bellesiles is substituting other data as backing up his claims, while critics remind him that he is not working to duplicate his original results (he still says he will). Also, Bellesiles said his probate figures may be revised upwards, but that his conclusions are still correct. Amazing. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1/20/02)

The Shooting Game. An anti-gunner supports Arming America while glossing over any flaws. (TNR.com 1/16/02)

Book’s validity questioned. A reluctant admission that Bellesiles might be wrong! (Cincinnati Enquirer 1/12/02)

Stranger in a Strange Land: The Scandal of Arming America. A prizewinning work of history dosen’t stand up to examination. A previous Bellesiles supporter blasts him! (Christianity Today, February Issue)

Mischaracterization of History? (Fox News Video 1/09/02)

Author under fire on accuracy of gun research. The article quoted Russell Baker from this webpage! (Washinton Times 1/01/02)

Historian’s Prizewinning Book on Guns Is Embroiled in a Scandal (New York Times 12/08/01)

Loaded Words by Michael Korda discussing Media coverage of Bellesiles. (National Rifle Association’s website 10/10/01)

Disarming America, Part II: Why Won’t Bellesiles Seriously Respond to His Critics? (National Review 11/26/01)

Article on how Bellesiles really said little in his response to critics. (Boston Globe 11/13/01)

Bellesiles complains about “hateful” attacks, but doesn’t really respond with much information. (Organization of American Historians 11/13/01)

Gun Control Book Based on Faulty Data (Fox News 10/10/01)

University asks historian to defend his research on gun ownership book. (Boston Globe 10/04/01)

Disarmed: A gun-hating historian comes under heavy fire. (National Review 10/04/01)

The National Review Again Blasts Bellesiles by Disarming his “research.” Disarming America: One of the worst cases of academic irresponsibility in memory. (updated for October 15 Issue)

The Boston Globe just exposed Bellesiles by researching his “research.” New doubts about gun historian: Research to receive hard critique today (09/11/01)

If not available, click here to see a copy of the great article! ! !

History re-written to undermine gun rights? Geoff Metcalf interviews historian and author Clayton Cramer

Historian wounded as theory backfires!

Wall Street Journal Nails Bellesiles! Same article posted & discussed on Free Republic Website!

Bonus: Letters in Response to WSJ article (Including from Bellesiles!)

A. Joyce Lee Malcolm

1. Concealed Weapons: A controversial book “Arming America” has the facts all wrong.

2. Were the colonists gun-haters? Geoff Metcalf interviews Second Amendment historian Joyce Malcolm.

B. James Lindgren and Justin Lee (Draft)

3. Abstract of Article with a link for free downloading of article.

C. Stephen P. Halbrook takes on Bellesiles as well as Al Gore’s Gun Position!

4. Deconstructing the Second Amendment

D. Clayton Cramer: Homepage

5. Clayton Cramer E-Mail.

6. Arming America: A “Novel” Rewrite Of American History.

7. Book Review: Shots in the Dark – Bellesiles “Arming America” is novel in both senses.

8. Firearms Ownership and Manufacturing in Early America PDF Format

Download free Acrobat Reader Now!

9. Gun Scarcity in the Early Republic? PDF Format

Download free Acrobat Reader Now!

E. Joseph R. Stromberg has yet another good response:

10. Bellesiles vs. History

F. Even the Washington Post attacks some of Bellesiles conclusions in a book review by John Whiteclay Chambers II here:

11. Lock and Load

G. About.com Review:

12. Misfiring history: A review of Arming America

H. COLUMN: Vin Suprynowicz

13. Will rewrite nation’s history to suit new tenant

I. NRA weighs in.

14. NRA Response

J. Neal Knox Reports in Shotgun News.

15. Neal Knox Reports