BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today hailed the decision by Judge Fred S. Silverman to dismiss a lawsuit by the City of Wilmington, DE against the firearms industry.

In his ruling, Judge Silverman wrote that, “Handgun violence is a scourge. But as much as the court would support efforts to reduce the problem, the court will not twist a jury trial involving municipal costs into a wildly expensive referendum on handgun control. The Mayor and the City must find another means to their ends.”

SAF Founder Alan Gottlieb applauded Judge Silverman, noting that the Wilmington lawsuit, like so many others brought against the industry, was without legal foundation, let alone common sense.

“You cannot hold gun makers any more responsible for criminal acts committed with their products than you would automobile makers for injuries and deaths caused by drunk drivers,” Gottlieb said. “We’re delighted that Judge Silverman saw through the Wilmington lawsuit as part of a nationwide effort to manage the firearms industry through judicial activism and court fiat.

Gottlieb added, “It is ironic that Wilmington wanted to continue this lawsuit when its own mayor, James M. Baker, quite sensibly vetoed a measure last week that would have required the registration of every privately-owned firearm in the city. That bill was admittedly symbolic in nature, but symbolism does not prevent or solve crimes.”

Under the bill, each firearm would have to be accompanied at all times with a certificate of registration. Gottlieb called that requirement “way over the line.”

“What’s a hunter or target shooter to do, pack his registration certificate along each time he goes in the woods,” Gottlieb wondered. “Mayor Baker obviously saw the silliness of this bill, and wisely observed that Wilmington’s priority should ‘remain focused on finding and arresting’ people who have guns illegally. You don’t accomplish that with symbolic gun registration, nor do you accomplish it by filing frivolous and expensive lawsuits against a perfectly legitimate industry.”