BELLEVUE, WA – Colorado gun owners were hailed today by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) for providing the critical swing vote to send Wayne Allard back to the U.S. Senate and defend their gun rights.

“By sending incumbent Wayne Allard back to the Senate,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “Colorado gun owners also sent a message to the Democratic Party leadership that their efforts to fool voters by soft-peddling their extremist anti-gun philosophy didn’t work. For months, Democrats have been working to convince gun owners they have changed. But leopards do not change their spots, tigers don’t change their stripes, and anti-gun extremists don’t change their agenda even when they change their message.

“Centennial State gun owners,” Gottlieb continued, “saw the pretenses drop when extremist Democrats like Senators Charles Schumer and Patty Murray called for more harsh gun controls following the Beltway Sniper incident. These anti-gunners simply could not contain themselves, and they betrayed their party’s true colors in time for voters to realize nothing has changed.

“Colorado voters have good representation with Wayne Allard, and gun owners especially know that,” Gottlieb noted. “That’s why they turned out to defend their gun rights.”

Gottlieb also suggested that Colorado gun owners joined with fellow firearms rights activists in many other states to send a message to the Democratic Party leadership.

“We’ve all watched the Tom Daschle Democrats create gridlock in Congress,” Gottlieb observed. “Blocking crucial federal judicial nominations and obstructing tax relief, while continuing to work against gun rights is simply bad public policy. The Democrats don’t understand this, but voters do, and gun owners helped send the party that message.”