BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) today hailed Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster for suggesting that women consider getting concealed pistol licenses and arm themselves as one option against a serial killer in Baton Rouge.

“Governor Foster’s advice is entirely appropriate under the circumstances,” said CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron. “At least three women have been murdered, and the killer is still out there. The governor’s suggestion that women consider arming themselves as one defensive option is significant.

“Far too often,” Waldron continued, “we’ve seen so-called ‘experts’ suggest that women carry whistles, or jab someone with their car keys, or simply cooperate with an attacker. They invariably advise against using a firearm. That kind of politically correct fuzzy thinking has no place in Baton Rouge, or anywhere else killers prey on innocent citizens, especially women.”

Waldron noted that there have been nearly three dozen unsolved murder cases involving Baton Rouge women during the past ten years. Police are working with the FBI to determine whether any of those crimes are linked to the recent murders of Pam Kinamore, Gina Green and Charlotte Pace.

“Louisiana has stringent requirements for getting a permit,” Waldron noted. “Even so, gun safety courses are currently jammed, and no doubt public concern about this serial killer is largely responsible for that. Rather than preaching claptrap to his constituents, Mike Foster has once again demonstrated he is a serious public servant willing to take a leadership role in the safety of his fellow citizens.

“We encourage concerned women in Baton Rouge to follow Mike Foster’s advice,” Waldron said. “Get mace. Carry a baseball bat. Lock your doors. Those are all good steps. But the governor’s best advice was to remind women they have a right to get a gun permit, and learn how to use a firearm. When a killer is on the loose, people have every right to take whatever measure is necessary to defend themselves. For women, especially, this is a matter of choice.”