Phyllis Stewart Schlafly of St.
Louis, Missouri is the designated
recipient of the CCRKBA Gun
Rights Defender of the Month
Award for August.
In nominating the founder of the
Eagle Forum for the Award, John
Michael Snyder, CCRKBA Public
tor, said, “although
Mrs. Schlafly for many years now
has been on the national scene as a
spokeswoman for a number of
conservative political causes, in recent
times she has begun to distinguish
herself before a national audience
as an articulate promoter of
the individual Second Amendment
civil right of law -abiding American
citizens to keep and bear
welcome her and her considerable
talents to the battlefield. She is
most deserving of this Award.”
In late May of this year, Schlafly
wrote a nationally- lumn
spotlighting the United Nations
Conference on Illicit Trade in
Small Arms and Light Weapons in
All Its Aspects as an attempt “to
demonize the private owne
guns and get governments to confiscate
all privately owned guns.”
She followed up this attack in
June by pointing out that “a group
called Doctors Against Ha
Injury is calling on doctors, including
psychiatrists, to ask their patients
nosy questions about their
She noted that, “as far back as we
can remember, doctors have vigorously
opposed any interference
with the confidentiality of the doctor-
patient relationship. We could
always count on medical associations
to defend patient privacy
against any invasion by government,
the media or others into personal
medical records.
“Somehow, this is changing under
a new onslaught by the gun
control lobby. It has lined up a
coalition consisting of the American
Psychiatric Association, the American
Medical Association, the American
Academy of Pediatrics and 10 other
medical organizations claiming a
membership of 600,000 doctors.
“The Doctors Against Handgun Injury
plans to engage in what it calls
‘upstream intervention.’ That means
using regular medical checkups to ask
firearm ownership and
storage in their homes and warn them
of the risks of this behavior.
“But that’s not all. Doctors Against
Handgun Injury also is calling for
changes in public policy, such as mandatory
checks on buyers at gun shows,
limits on the number of guns an individual
can buy and a waiting period
for all gun purchasers.”
Mrs. Schlafly warned that, “doctors
should be especially leery of this project
because of the 20th ience
of medicine under Soviet communism
and Nazism. The Nuremberg
War Crimes Trial showed how the
German medical profession became a
collaborator with the Nazi regime by
collecting data on their patients that
were then used again
“Unfortunately, some gun control
lawmakers are trying to lock doctors
-the-gun agenda. A bill
now under consideration in the California
Legislature would require pediatricians
to subject children and
their parents to all sorts of nosy questions
about ‘family, environment and
social risk factors,’ including whether
there are guns in the home and
whether their parent
Mrs. Schlafly charged that the
ican Medical Association “uses its
publications, including its Journal, to
publish biased research with preordained
conclusions, such as ‘easy gun
availability results in crime.’
“The AMA has plenty of money to
pursue its political agen
increasingly left-liberal, and it doesn’t
have to depend on the support of
member doctors. Twoannual
$200 million operating
budget comes from sources other
than membership, which has now
dwindled to only a third of U.S. phy-
“A principal source of AMA wealth
is a contract (kept secret from 1983 to
1998) with the Health Care Financing
Administration, by which HCFA requires
all doctors to buy the AMA
codes and use them to bill the government
and thirdcarriers
for all medical services. Failure
to use accurately the AMA codes
may result in government accusations
of fraud and abuse, and prosecution
and imprisonment.
-financed Centers for
Disease Control is also climbing
It is trying to broaden the scope of
public health to include the banning
and confiscation of all handguns, the
ensing of owners of
other firearms, and the eventual
elimination of all guns from private
ownership except for a small elite of
wealthy collectors, hunters and tar-
Born August 15, 1924 in St. Louis,
Missouri, Phyllis Stewart married
Fred Schlafly on October 20, 1949
ouple parented six children.
Mrs. Schlafly received her Bachelor
of Arts in 1944 and her Juris Doctor
degree in 1978 from Washi
University in St. Louis, and her Master
of Arts from Harvard University
She is a syndicated columnist with
the Copley News Service, President
of the Eagle Forum, author and publisher
of the Phyllis Schlafly Report,
and author or editor of almost two
Mrs. Schlafly is a member of the
Bar of Illinois, the District of Columbia,
Missouri, and the United States
Supreme Court, the American Bar
Association, the Illinois Bar Association,
Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha,
and the Daughters of the