National gun rights leaders will join with hundreds of local activists for the 2000 Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) on September 29th, 30th and October 1st at the Crystal City Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Virginia in order to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to possess, own and carry the firearms of their choice.

This year’s FREE conference will highlight lessons learned from recent court and legislative battles (including the Emerson Second Amendment Case) and provide gun owners with necessary skills to defend themselves and their heritage against hysterical anti-gun foes in the media, classrooms, courtrooms and legislative entities.

“This is the best place for the media to interact with all the leaders of the gun rights movement,” stated CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Learn our strategies and ask us the tough questions on gun control and gun violence.”

“The Washington, DC area was chosen in part because of the importance of this year’s federal elections and their impact on the Supreme Court,” said Gottlieb. “Many gun bills will pass or fail based on this fall’s elections, from the Presidency on down to every Congressional election. Gun owners must “target victory” in order to prevail in the upcoming battles.”

The theme for GRPC 2000 is “Target Victory!” and this highlights what is going on in Washington, DC. After the narrow defeat of the gun show elimination bill, the anti-gunners refuse reasonable alternatives and want an “issue” not a law. Grassroots activists are organizing for this fall’s elections in order to prevent the wholesale destruction of 10% of the Bill of Rights under a Gore Administration. In November, these pro-gun supporters, “Target Victory!”

“This year’s GRPC will help train gun owners from across the country to prepare for outrageous claims from the anti-gunners and how to provide rational responses to counter their rants,” said John Barnett, GRPC coordinator. “Come to GRPC 2000 and learn not only how to defend your rights, but also to push a pro-gun agenda with dramatic results!”

Many crucial issues will be addressed in discussion and review. This includes: Gun Owners’ Rights and the Courts; The Ohio Battle & Future of Concealed Carry Reform; Mayors vs. the Gun Industry & Gun Owners; Second Amendment Sisters vs. the Sucker Moms; Guns and the Media plus much, much more!

Many past GRPC participants return year after year because they recognize the GRPC as the best place to meet national pro-gun leaders, network with gun activists and enthusiasts from around the country, and build grassroots with other local gun owners.

“This is your best chance to find out the opinions and strategies of national gun-rights leaders for the future of the gun-rights movement,” stated Gottlieb. “These same top leaders will also be at the GRPC to listen to the opinions of the many grassroots activists.”

Just a few of the organizations confirmed to speak include: the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association, Law Enforcement Alliance of America and the Second Amendment Sisters. In addition, several special guest speakers are already confirmed, including Congressman Chris Cannon (R-UT), Congressman Matthew G. Martinez (D-CA) plus several state lawmakers from acoss the country.

“Anyone who considers themselves a gun-rights’ activist cannot afford to miss GRPC 2000. The stakes are too high and many battles are too close to call,” stated Barnett.