The Million Mom March has come and gone…all 100,000 of them (by photographic comparisons with earlier marches of known attendance). For all practical purposes, the MMM was a paid political event, orchestrated by the White House strictly for media impact. Conveniently, the MMM is changing from a tax-exempt “mother’s grassroots movement” into a slick political action committee, all geared up and ready for the 2000 elections. In fact, one of our members who strolled through the MMM said it looked more like a Gore 2000 rally – Gore posters and stickers were on display everywhere.

The MMM was timed to coincide with Senate consideration of an education bill – a bill that Senate liberals have vowed to amend with a “school safety” package of gun control amendments. In addition, House Judiciary Committee leadership is now considering compromise language to allow gun control amendments to be added to the Juvenile Justice bill awaiting conference action. Deep down, most legislators understand that the MMM was a contrived media event, intended to give the impression of widespread support for an extremist gun control agenda. But some of these same legislators will use it as an excuse to weaken their commitment to our right to keep and bear arms.

You MUST call or write your Representative and Senators TODAY and let them know that concerned gun owners far outnumber the misguided mothers that were on the Capitol Mall. Telephone numbers for your elected officials may be found in the front of your telephone directory, in the “blue pages” under “U.S. Government” or “Federal Government.” Your calls DO make a difference. They put our elected officials on notice that we are watching them and will hold them accountable in November.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 486-6963.