In response to Citibank’s refusal to accept accounts of lawful firearms businesses, the Second Amendment Foundation has called for a nationwide boycott of Citibank and all other members of the CitiGroup Conglomerate.

“Let’s make ourselves heard as a unified voice to protect free enterprise and our basic civil rights! Call Citibank now and boycott their businesses,” proclaimed John Barnett, Executive Director of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).

This battle began with a February 7, 2000 letter from Citibank to the Nevada Pistol Academy stating that their recently approved account would be closed in ten days “due to Citibank not maintaining accounts for businesses that deal in weapons.” This letter revealed an otherwise secret policy of refusing accounts from lawful federally licensed firearm-related businesses.

While this arbitrary discrimination was originally thought to be only a regional decision, Citibank vice president of public affairs, Mark Rodgers, admitted last Friday this was an ongoing, national policy. He also stated that this hidden policy dates to at least the early 1990s.

“If they discriminate against firearm businesses, then individual gun owners should boycott all of their businesses,” proclaimed Barnett. “Lost revenue does wonders to change biased, discriminatory business practices.”

Citibank is headquartered in New York City and is a subsidiary of CitiGroup, a worldwide corporation that handles credit cards, as well as corporate and consumer banking accounts. A boycott is called for against all members of CitiGroup, including Citibank, AT&T Universal Card, CitiGroup Foundation, CitiFinancial, Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Primerica Financial Services, Salomon Smith Barney, SSB Citi Asset Management Group, Travelers Property Casualty Corp., and Travelers Life & Annuity. See and for more places to boycott!

“With firearms in half the U.S. households, Citibank is risking a great deal of business. The goal now is to educate the American People about this despicable act and force Citibank to withdraw its offensive policy,” said Barnett. “SAF successfully boycotted Columbia Sportswear several years ago to prevent corporate donations to anti-gun causes, and we expect to win here as gun owners voice their displeasure in Citibank’s distrust of law-abiding citizens.”

In addition to cutting up Citibank credit cards, people should contact Citibank to voice their displeasure. Here are a few good phone numbers:

The Financial Center for Citibank: 702-796-3719
Customer Service Directory: 800-285-3000
Corporate Communication Office: 718-248-1092
Telephone Banking Service: 800-756-7047

Or write to them at:

Legal Department
701 60th St. N.
P.O. Box 6034
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57117