With Congress reconvening it is very important to keep in contact with your legislators with regard to your Second Amendment rights. We kept our rights from deteriorating in 1999; we must keep up the pressure.

The Juvenile Justice Bill is not dead. It is in a conference committee comprised of members of both the Senate and the House. The potential for the so-called “gun show loophole” legislation to be included in the final version of the bill is still there.

A great, looming danger to our gun rights now is the President, Bill Clinton. He has said publicly that he will pursue other methods outside of Congress to meet his anti-gun goals. That could be in the form of another Executive Order, or Treasurer Order. We must tell our elected officials to prevent this blatant sidestep of our constitutional process.

Contact your legislators. Write letters, make telephone calls, send e-mails and faxes. Do everything that you can to make it clear that you will not stand for the further deterioration of your Second Amendment rights. Be polite. Stick only to this issue. If there are other issues in which you are interested, send a separate letter.

If you need any help or have any questions, please contact CCRKBA at 1 800-486-6963.