Cannon Safes renewed its commitment to protecting and supporting Second Amendment rights by reserving $25 from each sale of Cannon’s model 25 S.A.R. safes beginning January 15th to help defeat the anti-gun Mayors in court. The money will be donated to the Second Amendment Foundation’s (SAF) legal fund for their landmark lawsuit against the U.S. Conference of Mayors and individual mayors for conspiracy to violate civil and constitutional rights, including the First, Second and Ninth Amendments, as well as the creation of undue burden on lawful interstate commerce.

“Many people talk about protecting rights, but Cannon Safes is stepping forward and actually doing something about it,” stated Mike Baker, Sales Executive for Cannon Safes. “We could no longer stand idly by while the rights of our law-abiding customers were being repeatedly trampled upon.”

While Cannon Safes features a full line of safes and pistol lock boxes to meet the security needs of any home or business, the $25 donation is specifically from sales of the popular 25 S.A.R. model. This safe features a 25 cubic ft. interior, which is convertible for 18 or 36 guns, and is fire resistant and U.L. burglary rated. The model 25 also includes an electronic high security lock and a lifetime warranty for both fire and attempted burglary.

“Cannon Safes has protected our customers’ property very well against fire and theft for many years,” said Mike Baker. “Now Cannon Safes is also protecting the rights of not only our current customers, but future generations with our $25 per safe donation to defend the Second Amendment.”

The $25 donation will go directly to the Second Amendment Foundation’s legal fund for their lawsuit against the U.S. Conference of Mayors and several individual mayors. The SAF lawsuit alleges three counts against the group. Count 1 is for violation of lawful interstate commerce by forcing increased pricing and several bankruptcies. Count 2 is for violation of First Amendment rights by preventing ads and education on legal products. Count 3 is for violation of the Second and Ninth Amendment rights. The Second Amendment is an individual right to keep and bear arms according to the recent decision in United States v. Emerson, 46 F.Supp.2d 598 (N.D. Tex. 1999). The mayors’ attempt to abridge the right to keep and bear arms by putting gun makers out of business causes a violation of the individual’s means to self-defense which is recognized in every courtroom and falls under the Ninth Amendment rights.

The cities of Cincinnati, Bridgeport and Miami-Dade County have already had their cases dismissed. The Courts firmly held that these lawsuits were both vague and unsupported by legal precedent. In addition, a large portion of the Atlanta lawsuit was also dismissed with serious doubts surrounding the remaining pieces. In addition to Cincinnati, Bridgeport, Miami-Dade, and Atlanta, the cities affected by the lawsuit are Boston, Los Angeles, Newark, New Orleans, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Oakland, East Palo Alto, Compton, West Hollywood, Inglewood, Camden, Wilmington, Gary, and St. Louis.

The Cannon Safe/SAF partnership is working toward another gun rights victory. SAF has previously funded successful firearms-related suits against the cities of Los Angeles, New Haven, CT, and San Francisco on behalf of American gun owners.

“It is great to have support from a well-respected company like Cannon Safes,” stated Dave LaCourse, SAF Public Affairs Director. “Cannon Safes is supporting gun owners and gun owners should in turn support Cannon safes.”

“Buy a Cannon 25 S.A.R. safe and protect your property, piece of mind, and Second Amendment rights all at the same time. It’s a win, win, win situation!” said Mike Baker.