Many state legislatures reconvene in January. Our focus over the past several months has been riveted in Washington, D. C. While Congress fortunately remained in gridlock, we have achieved several important victories – and suffered some losses – in state legislatures. As former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill was fond of saying, “All politics is local.” It is extremely important that you get in touch with your local elected officials to let them know where you stand on the issue of firearm freedoms.

The greatest impact with legislators is achieved with hand written letters. Letters to a legislator should be brief, focusing on one or two specific issues. One page – three or four paragraphs – is ideal and stands the most likelihood of being fully read and absorbed. Form letters have less effect, as do telephone calls and e-mail, although any reasonable contact with your representative is better than none. As issues heat up, you should try to take the time to visit with your legislator(s), either at the Capitol or in town meetings in the home district. You can find the telephone number and address for your state elected officials in the “blue” pages at the front of your telephone directory.

If you need any additional information about contacting your legislators, please call CCRKBA at (425) 454-4911.