The 106th Congress has adjourned for the winter break, and most of our legislators have returned to their home districts. This is the best time to show them that there is a pro-gun element of their constituency that is politically active and vocal. There are many ways to do this. Two of the easiest are to write letters to the editor of your local paper and attend any town meeting or other forum sponsored by your legislator.

Our legislators often use the editorial section as a method to gauge the overall sentiment of the district. Those who write the letters are the most active, and they are the constituents the politicians want on their side. It is imperative that we as gun owners get as many pro-gun letters as possible published during this congressional recess.

The letters need to be polite, and to the point. Focus on a specific issue; a good topic would be the ineffectiveness of more gun control measures, specifically the gun control portions of the Senate version of the juvenile justice bill, to reduce the crime rate. Be sure to include your address and a phone number where the paper can reach you. Otherwise, it may not be published, even if the editor deems it a good letter.

Another favorite of our leaders is to hold a town meeting, a place for the average citizen to meet and greet the politicians, and to voice their opinions on a wide range of issues. Given the events of the past year, gun control is going to be a hot topic at these meetings. If we do not show up, there will be no one to refute the gun grabbers, whom we all know will be there. The key to these meetings is to be polite and inoffensive, no matter how offensive the other side gets. Let the politicians know that gun control does not equal crime control, and “feel-good” legislation hurts only the law-abiding gun owner. A strong presence at any kind of meeting where your legislator is present will send the message that more gun control will not be tolerated.

In you have any questions, please contact CCRKBA at (425) 454-4911.