With the school year beginning nationwide some serious attention must be paid to exactly how the school systems are dealing with the recent spate of school shootings. The gun grabbers and their media toadies would like to believe that the answer is strict gun control, beginning in the school. Programs are being proposed and in some cases implemented that are intended to indoctrinate our children to hate guns. Period.

Active involvement by parents of schoolchildren and by concerned citizens can prevent this indoctrination from becoming institutionalized in local communities. You can find out if any such measures are being put into local schools by attending PTSA meetings or by calling the schools in question and asking what measures are being taken with regard the recent shootings. Be especially alert to programs intended “to instill student awareness of gun violence” or words to that effect. Ask to be allowed to review materials presented in any “school violence” classes or briefings. It is your right to do that, as a parent or as a taxpayer.

If the material being proposed or presented demonizes firearms or firearm owners, or fails to differentiate between legal gun ownership and unlawful possession of guns by students or other prohibited persons, politely demand the material be removed or amended. The focus on any school violence program should be on inappropriate behavior and illegal activity and the proper responses to those situations, not in general condemnation of firearms and firearms ownership. The only intolerance taught in our schools should be an intolerance of illegal behavior and activity, not intolerance of a constitutionally protected right.

If you need any further information contact CCRKBA at 425-454-4911.