Due to the Columbine High School incident and the influx of anti-gun legislation introduced around the country, the gun issue has become a hot topic in the mass media. Talk radio, especially, has focused on the issue, and often in an arguably biased manner. There are steps that we, as gun owners, can take to express out dissatisfaction with a biased media.

 According to Federal Communication Commission regulations, radio stations are required to keep letters of complaint in a public file. This file is open to review by the public, as well as by FCC officials. These letters should play a part in the decision to review the broadcast licenses. If enough letters citing bias are filed against even a particular host, then the station may have to require the individual to change his or her ways or lose his or her job. 

The letters need to be polite, and to the point. They need to site specific dates and times to be the most effective. You should send as many letters as possible, but make sure that they address specific events; duplicate letters will probably be discarded. Address the letters to the station manager. You may find the mailing address in your local phone book.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact CCRKBA at (425) 454-4911.