After the House removed much of the unnecessary, burdensome red-tape regarding background checks at gun shows, anti-gun Democrats behaved like little children and took their political football of “gun control” home. The surprise move leaves NO background checks at gun shows on secondary sales.

“The anti-gunners wanted to cripple gun shows with confusing, redundant and harmful red tape specifically designed as a bureaucratic nightmare,” stated CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “By not accepting reasonable alternatives to their ‘wish list’, they cut off their nose to spite their face.”

The final bill included many proposals that gun grabbers should have loved. These measures included: Mandatory transfer of a “gun safety” device with every retail transaction; bans juvenile possession of a so-called ‘assault weapon’; assures that gun pawned and returned go through a background check, and bans the importation of high capacity magazines.

“Those members of the Democrat party who are true gun haters have ironically shot themselves in the foot,” said Gottlieb. “This should hurt them in the next election. Gun control is their Pet Rock, yet they turned away from a moderate proposal designed to actually prevent criminals from acquiring firearms. That shows the gun grabbers as selfish children intent on destroying gun owners and not criminals.”

“They can’t hide that almost 200 anti-gun Democrats voted to kill an instant background check at gun shows because the bill wasn’t anti-gun enough to put gun shows out of business.”