Olympia, WA — The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) has launched a major “Hands Off My Guns” billboard campaign in the Washington State Capital of Olympia. The Bellevue based, pro-gun rights group plans to put up a total of six signs in the capital and has plans for an additional 44 signs all across the state.

“This is an aggressive outdoor campaign reminiscent to the media blitz we successfully ran against Initiative 676 in 1997,” said Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the CCRKBA. “High visibility for gun owners is necessary because of the current makeup of the new Legislature.”

Each billboard features a young lady gun owner holding up a “Hands Off My Guns” bumper sticker that is being offered free to anyone who calls the phone number (425-454-4911) listed on the ad. Two ads are already on display. One is located on Martin Way heading into Olympia (One block West of Slater-Kinney Road) while the other can be seen on Fourth Avenue (a one way street) between Adams and Cherry Streets. The goal of the “Hands Off” campaign is three-fold:

1. Keep lawmakers on track in solving gun crimes by focusing on the people causing the problem — the criminals.
This is a far better way to reduce gun crime than scapegoating and penalizing the more than a million law-abiding gun owners in Washington State. Furthermore, lawmakers attempting to reduce gun accidents should turn their focus onto the very, very few irresponsible gun owners rather than dictating policy to all gun owners who are not causing any problems.

2. Get gun owners involved in the political process and keep them active.
Far too many gun owners voted against Initiative 676 in 1997 and then failed to vote their gun rights in November of 1998. The result is a more suspect Legislature. Displaying a “Hands Off My Guns” bumper sticker is a show of continued support for the pro-gun movement. 

3. Provide the media with highlights of the political agenda that the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms will have in the 1999 Legislature.
Some of the top priorities of the CCRKBA include: Sponsoring concealed carry license reciprocity, enacting shooting range protection, protecting uniform statewide firearms laws, and supporting a bill encouraging responsible use of firearms.

“This year will be pivotal for Washington State gun owners,” said Gottlieb. “If local gun owners don’t stay active, call their lawmakers, and write letters then not only will our good bills fail, but anti-gun bills and amendments could easily end up as law.”