Now that the congressional elections are over, we have a good sense of what to expect with regards to gun control legislation. Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) will introduce two pieces of legislation, one to require dealers to run an instant check at gun shows, the other to bring back a three-day waiting period on top of the instant check.

President Clinton has stated repeatedly that he wants a federal waiting period and he will pursue implementation of background checks at gun shows through legislative means as well as possibly by Executive Order.

The Republican majority in the House has narrowed, as has the pro-gun faction of Congress. It is imperative for us to keep the pressure on our Congressmen if we want to keep our rights. The best way to do this is to write letters to them, and write them often. The letters should be one page in length, and keep to a single topic. Keep away from form letters, as they do not carry the same weight as personalized ones.

If you have any questions on this or need any additional assistance, please contact CCRKBA Projects Director Drew Petty at (425) 454-4911.