With a new Congress (the 106th) taking office in Washington, DC., it is important to remind your Representatives and Senators of your opposition to legislation which would infringe on your right to keep and bear arms. Many gun owners follow a purely reactive of defensive game plan, writing only when bad legislation is pending. However, it is important to be pro-active and to go on the offensive.

A simple letter to your Senators and Representative can have a huge impact. Let them know of your opposition to laws that you oppose. Let them know also about legislation you would favor, such as nationwide concealed carry permits or a repeal of the semiautomatic ban in the 1994 crime bill. A short, handwritten and polite letter works best. Try to keep it less than a page in length and be sure to keep your message simple.

If you need help finding the names and addresses of your legislators, please call CCRKBA at (425) 454-4911.