The rabid gun control group, Ceasefire Oregon, has announced it’s 5th annual voluntary gun turn-in event, to be held on two successive Saturdays in early May. Gun owners may trade their “unwanted firearms” for $50 gift certificates from several local business establishments.

“While we have no objection to a citizen voluntarily choosing to surrender an unwanted firearm, these people should understand that most firearms are worth far more than the flat $50 being offered,” noted Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “Before rushing down to surrender a potentially very valuable firearm, we strongly suggest that the owner stop at a local gun shop to have the firearm properly appraised. The gun store may even be willing to buy it from you for substantially more money.”

“If you don’t care about the value of your guns,” Gottlieb went on, “you should donate them to us. We can give them to people who can’t afford to purchase a gun for self-protection.”

Several gun shops are open in the greater Portland area that are capable of providing this service. Among them are:

– Northwest Armory – 12632 SE Mcloughlin Blvd. – Portland – 503-654-7974
– Three Bears – 11374 SE 82nd Avenue – Portland – 503-786-7167
– Allison & Carey Gunworks – 17311 SE Stark – Gresham – 503-256-5166

The yellow pages of your telephone directory contain several more shops where appraisal and/or purchase services might be available, under the heading “Gun Shops.”

Gun buy-back opponents have also reported an increase in gun thefts before these events. The amnesty offered in conjunction with events like this can be an invitation to steal; knowing there will be no legal consequence for the theft.

“Another major concern is the ‘no questions asked’ policy adopted by the Portland Police Bureau,” said Joe Waldron, Executive Director of the Citizens Committee. “Stolen firearms, illegal guns such as sawed-off shotguns, and guns used in crimes are frequently turned in at such events. The ‘no questions asked’ policy means valuable evidence which might be used to send a hardened felon away will be melted down and lost to authorities forever.”

“What a law abiding gun owner chooses to do with a firearm is his or her choice to make,” Gottlieb concluded, “we just want to ensure that they aren’t getting ripped off, and that criminals aren’t free to walk the streets as a result of lost evidence.”