Gun control advocates have continued their irrational attacks on law-abiding gun owners after being trounced at the polls last November with the defeat of gun control initiative 676. Just like with I-676, Washington Ceasefire is again blatantly lying, this time about other states’ concealed carry laws.

“Gun grabbers have always believed that the ends justifies the means,” stated Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “When the facts are not on their side, they simply lie and hope nobody dares to check their statements. I am calling on the media today to examine their false claims and then report their findings back to the people of Washington State.”

This latest battle began as the Washington State Legislature passed a bill with broad bi-partisan support to allow people with out-of-state licenses to carry concealed pistols to carry in Washington. The goal is to provide people the same rights of self protection in Washington as in other states.

Washington Ceasefire, in an effort to defeat HB 1408 on carry reciprocity, invented a list of seven states that allegedly do not have criminal or mental health background checks. They named the States of Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

“This list is bogus, plain and simple. And I have the proof that Ceasefire is wrong sitting on my desk right now and available for anyone in the media who cares to know the truth,” stated Joe Waldron, Executive Director of the CCRKBA. “Such falsehoods could ruin Ceasefire’s reputation for years with members of the media who care about dealing facts, rather than distorted fantasies of extremists.”

Federal Law already prevents the ownership, possession or control of a firearm by all felons and some misdemeanor offenders, the mentally incompetent, and several other prohibited categories. In addition, all seven states unfairly attacked by Ceasefire specifically prohibit felons from possessing guns and conduct background checks.

“This bill should not die because of a series of lies perpetrated by the loosers of a popular vote. The Governor should sign HB 1408 as passed by 73 votes in the House and 36 in the Senate,” concluded Waldron.