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Washington HB 1240 bans the sale of many commonly-owned semi-auto rifles, pistols and accessories.
HB 1240 will prevent millions of Washington residents from exercising their rights protected under the Second Amendment while doing nothing to curb crime or punish criminals.
It has advanced to the House Rules Committee, and we need your help to stop it from going any farther.

A list of some of the items banned:

  • AR-15s, AK-47s and Other Rifles/Pistols
  • Barrel Shrouds (or any non-wood stock part that prevents you from burning your hand)
  • Telescoping Stocks
  • Forward Grips
  • Threaded Barrels
  • Suppressors (or other such hearing saving devices)
  • Other Subjectively-Scary-Looking Guns & Components

Contact the House Rules Committee now and tell them to vote “NO” on HB 1240!

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List of House Rules Committee Members

Member NamePhoneEmail Form
Representative Laurie Jinkins(360) 786-7930Email
Representative Steve Bergquist(360) 786-7862Email
Representative Lauren Davis(360) 786-7910Email
Representative Joe Fitzgibbon(360) 786-7952Email
Representative Keith Goehner(360) 786-7954Email
Representative Mia Gregerson(360) 786-7868Email
Representative Paul Harris(360) 786-7976Email
Representative Cyndy Jacobsen(360) 786-7968Email
Representative Joel Kretz(360) 786-7988Email
Representative Mari Leavitt(360) 786-7890Email
Representative Debra Lekanoff(360) 786-7800Email
Representative Sam Low(360) 786-7967Email
Representative Jacquelin Maycumber(360) 786-7908Email
Representative Melanie Morgan(360) 786-7906Email
Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self(360) 786-7972Email
Representative Tina Orwall(360) 786-7834Email
Representative Gerry Pollet(360) 786-7886Email
Representative Alex Ramel(360) 786-7970Email
Representative Suzanne Schmidt(360) 786-7820Email
Representative Tarra Simmons(360) 786-7934Email
Representative Larry Springer(360) 786-7822Email
Representative Monica Jurado Stonier(360) 786-7872Email
Representative Jim Walsh(360) 786-7806Email
Representative J.T. Wilcox(360) 786-7912Email