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Washington HB 1240 bans the sale of many commonly-owned semi-auto rifles, pistols and accessories.
HB 1240 will prevent millions of Washington residents from exercising their rights protected under the Second Amendment while doing nothing to curb crime or punish criminals.

A list of some of the items banned:

  • AR-15s, AK-47s and Other Rifles/Pistols
  • Barrel Shrouds (or any non-wood stock part that prevents you from burning your hand)
  • Telescoping Stocks
  • Forward Grips
  • Threaded Barrels
  • Suppressors (or other such hearing saving devices)
  • Other Subjectively-Scary-Looking Guns & Components

Contact the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee now and tell them to vote “NO” on HB 1240!

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List of House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee Members

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Member NamePhoneEmail
Drew Hansen(360)
Darya Farivar(360)
Jim Walsh(360)
Jenny Graham(360)
Greg Cheney(360)
Roger Goodman(360)
Skyler Rude(360)
Amy Walen(360)