Oregon Ballot Measure 114 is a laundry list of Second Amendment violations which would make citizens jump through hoops to even purchase a gun.
Be sure to vote “NO” on Ballot Measure 114!

A list of some of the infringements:

  • Citizen’s Must Apply for a Permit to Purchase a Firearm Before Buying (or Transferring) a Gun
  • License Grant is Determined by Grantor’s Subjective Assessment of the Citizen
  • The Citizen Must Pay up to $65 to Apply ($50 for renewal)
  • Permit Must be Renewed Every Five Years
  • Applicant Details (including fingerprints) Will be Stored in a Permanent Registry
  • Requires an Arbitrary Amount of Training Before Being Granted a Permit to Purchase
  • Bans Magazines Capable of Holding Over 10 Rounds

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