BELLEVUE, WA – Thanks to donations from gun owners all over the country, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is able to add a fourth week and 50 additionalTV spots in its national campaign to warn America about the legilative threat from Congressional Democrats to our Second Amendment rights.

“By the end of next week,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “we will have reached more than 35 million Americans, many of them multiple times with our 60-second TV message, and our grassroots lobbying effort is currently at the forefront of Second Amendment activism, leading the campaign to stop House Democrats from pushing extremist gun control on Capitol Hill.”

CCRKBA launched this campaign against H.R. 127, the radical anti-gun legislation introduced by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, earlier this month. By the end of next week, the message will have appeared almost 220 times on over a dozen different networks including DirecTV, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, the Weather Channel, HLN, OANN, the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and the Inspiration Channel.

Jackson Lee’s legislation includes mandatory licensing and registration, government-approved psychological exams of every gun owner, gun buyer and “other members of the household in which the individual resides,” mandatory gun owner insurance, and bans on modern semi-auto sporting rifles and limits on magazine capacity.

“The Citizens Committee truly has taken the lead in grassroots activism with this effort,” Gottlieb observed. “In addition to our TV spots, we have reached millions of gun owners with emails and text messages because we are serious about blocking this, and other restrictive legislation. I am personally gratified at the response we’re receiving from American gun owners. Their support is helping us to continue sounding the alarm about this dangerous assault on our gun rights.

“We call this the ‘SAVE2A.US’ campaign,” he added. “We won’t rest until we have made every effort to reach every gun owner in the United States. The Second Amendment protects our fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms, but the radicals now leading the Democrat party seem determined to destroy it.

Gun owners can visit SAVE2A.US or text SAVE2A to 474747.