BELLEVUE, WA – The arrest of an armed convicted felon by Seattle Police this week shouldn’t surprise anyone other than those who supported a pair of gun control initiatives pushed by a billionaire-backed Seattle gun control group, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“When the gun prohibition lobby spent more than $10 million to pass Initiative 594 back in 2014, we warned voters it wouldn’t prevent criminals from getting guns,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “That measure mandated so-called ‘universal background checks,’ but the wealthy elitists bankrolling the initiative didn’t want to admit criminals don’t bother with background checks.

“When the same bunch spent millions more to pass Initiative 1639 two years ago, creating new restrictions on gun owners,” he recalled, “we told voters it wouldn’t keep guns out of criminal hands. We were right again.

“The only thing the gun control crowd in Seattle has accomplished is to make it harder for honest citizens to exercise their constitutional rights, and they know it,” Gottlieb said.

A quick glance at news archives revealed an arrest by Seattle police this past April of another felon with a gun, and in August 2019, yet another case involving a felon with a gun made local news. In July 2019, a Seattle man was indicted on federal gun charges for being a felon in possession of four handguns and eight rifles.

“You don’t disarm bad people by penalizing good people with regressive feel-good laws,” Gottlieb observed. “You don’t make honest citizens safer by making it harder for them to fight back while police budgets are being threatened and good men and women in law enforcement are literally being pushed out of their jobs. And now the Seattle City Council is reportedly considering ways to de-criminalize some crimes, which will only encourage, rather than discourage, people who break the law.

“This latest arrest of an armed felon is symptomatic of a much bigger problem,” he stated. “Utopian wishful thinking is no substitute for genuine common sense, and living in a state of denial doesn’t change that. We challenge the gun prohibition lobby to admit it was wrong so we can all work together on real solutions that focus on bad guys committing crimes instead of good guys exercising their rights.”