Our state affiliate, the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) is the primary advocate for Montana gun owners.

MSSA is officially requesting specific CCRKBA assistance on an important project that MSSA has launched in relation to the upcoming General Election.

We ask all of  our supporters in Montana to participate in MSSA’s green card program.  Details about this program are available at:


LR-130.  This is a legislative referendum (from MSSA’s HB 357) to close loopholes in Montana’s preemption law at 45-8-351, M.C.A.  It will be on the ballot in November for a public vote.  MSSA has developed what we call our “green card” program, to provide copy and instructions whereby local activists can have printed and hand out pocket sized green cards to inform the public about LR-130. HELP STOP THE GUN BAN CROWD FROM USING LOOPHOLES TO ATTACK YOUR RIGHTS.