BELLEVUE, WA – Thanks to overwhelming public response, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is adding a third week to its national TV campaign to expose the threat posed to Second Amendment rights by H.R. 127, an egregious gun control measure introduced by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

“We’re adding 48 more spots to reach millions more people with our 60-second TV message,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “With Democrats in Congress mounting a major attack on our Second Amendment rights, we need to reach as many Americans as possible, and extending our campaign another seven days will help make that possible. By the end of next week, our message will have been broadcast 168 times on over a dozen national networks reaching even more Americans.

“With Thursday’s House passage of two extremist gun control measures covering so-called ‘universal background checks’ and closing the so-called ‘Charleston loophole,’ it opens the pathway for Congress to focus on H.R. 127,” he stated.

H.R. 127 represents the “tip of the gun control iceberg,” Gottlieb said. It includes gun owner licensing and registration, psychological examinations of gun owners, mandatory insurance, mandatory minimum prison sentences for non-compliance, and bans on whole classes of firearms and original capacity magazines. Gottlieb said this measure, along with other gun control bills, is clearly a danger to Second Amendment rights.

“Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have never met a gun control proposal they didn’t immediately want to take to bed,” Gottlieb stated. “Given the chance, they’ll rape our gun rights.

“For that matter,” he continued, “The Biden-Harris administration is dead set on assaulting our Second Amendment rights. Since the campaign of 2020, they’ve had their eyes on our guns, hoping one day to actually get their hands on our rights, ripping away the protections and having their way.”

CCRKBA is calling its effort the “SAVE2A.US” campaign, because that is precisely what is at stake. Gun owners can visit SAVE2A.US or text SAVE2A to 474747.

“Rights are fragile things that must be protected and defended,” Gottlieb observed. “If we allow just one of our rights to be molested, we may as well surrender them all to political pillaging. But it appears our campaign is working, and we will continue this fight, which is being made possible by the financial support of our members and supporters.”