BELLEVUE, WA — The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms urges Georgia members and all other gun owners in the state to contact lawmakers about three important pro-gun bills under consideration in the General Assembly.

Three bills backed by have the chance to become law this year with your support. These three bills are:
• HB 280: Firearms; license holders, carrying and possession of certain weapons in certain buildings or real property owned or leased to public institutions of postsecondary education by Rep. Ballinger of the 23rd
• HB 292: Firearms; laws relating to the carrying of weapons and safety; revise and clarify; by Rep. Jasperse of the 11th
• HB 406: Weapons; reciprocity of recognizing and giving effect to licenses to carry from other states; revise requirements by Rep. Powell of the 32nd

“With only five days left to ‘Crossover Day,’ this coming Friday, March 3, it is important that we focus on the bills that actually have a chance to move our agenda forward this year,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Georgia Carry has helped advance three pro-rights bills including HB-280-the campus carry bill, HB 292-revising and clarifying laws relating to the carrying of weapons in Georgia, and HB 406-reciprocity recognition and giving effect to carry licenses to other states.

Georgia Carry and its membership have worked diligently to advance a pro-gun rights agenda in the state legislature that actually have a chance to pass this year, as they do every year. Their efforts are strongly supported by your CCRKBA and prove year after year why remains the states preeminent pro-rights organization that doesn’t just talk but actually gets things done, year after year, on behalf of Georgia’s responsibly armed citizens.”

“Now is the time to contact your state representative and ask them to pass Georgia Carry supported bills HB 280-campus carry, omnibus bill HB 292, and HB 406 which protects Georgia CCW holders reciprocity. Crossover day is Friday, March 3rd. Your action is required now to advance our pro-rights agenda in 2017.”—Mark Walters, Nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense, and member of the CCRKBA Board of Directors

“There now only five days left to move HB 280-campus carry, HB 292-omnibus bill, and HB 406 correcting potential reciprocity issues and permanently fixing GA/VA reciprocal agreements. strongly supports these backed bills which will further expand gun rights not only in Georgia but across the country as well. Please contact your representatives and politely request they support advancing our gun rights by supporting these bills.”—Jerry Henry, Executive Director,

“These bills protect and advance our RKBA now and for future generations. As we continue to work and support the advancement of pro-gun rights throughout the nation, the CCRKBA is proud to work with organizations such as Now is the time to contact your state representatives and ask that they pass these bills out of the House, over to the Senate and subsequently over to the governor’s desk for signature. With five days left to do so, your efforts are urgently requested.”—CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb